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The Issues in Hertfordshire


Dental Care in Hertfordshire

Following on from national smile month we are continuing to promote awareness of how important your smile is. We spoke to a number of people within the community at our last event and a large number of people were surprised that they had an unhealthy smile even though their teeth looked clean.

There are a number of issues that can interfere with your smile including gum disease, overcrowding of teeth and overbite. Make sure that you keep getting your teeth checked by your local dentist in Hertfordshire every 6 months.

Alcohol and hospital admissions

Mayday, in common with most other Trusts, keeps data on the number of alcohol related admissions it has each year. Statistics where alcohol is the primary cause of admission are collected and can be provided on request.

However in many cases the primary cause for admission is not alcohol, and the notes will only include information on any alcohol consumption if it affects the course of treatment.

Binge drinking

At times staff in A&E do have to deal with unpleasantness from patients or their friends and relatives who have been drinking. The frequency of this varies depending on the time of year, weather, social events and so on.

There is no evidence to indicate that Mayday has to deal with any more or less of this behaviour than any other town or city centre hospital, nor is the unpleasantness restricted to young people on a Friday or Saturday night – often people who have a long-term alcohol problem present the same difficulty for staff and other patients.

Winter Pressures

Many people are understandably anxious and fearful about the risks to themselves and their families of the different types of flu. See Flu FAQs for more information.


During the winter people are more likely to get ill, and there is a direct link between cold weather and severe illness in older or other at risk groups of people. Get booked in for your flu jab this winter.